Move from mayhem to momentum.

Content messy? Unsure where to start? Our content strategy workshops will change that by helping you get your team on track, build new skills, and prioritize projects.

Half-day, 1-day, or 2-day curricula
Customized to meet your goals
In-house training—no travel for your team

We’re consultants, authors, and teachers for all things content: strategic planning, responsive design and mobile, information architecture, writing, and workflow. During our workshop, your team will gain clarity, focus, and enthusiasm—and most of all, leave with achievable, specific next steps.

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AVAILABLE workshops

Content strategy 101

Get started with content strategy. We'll facilitate activities that build alignment and momentum for:

  • Establishing content vision, principles, and goals
  • Building a content strategy practice in your organization
  • Establishing a sustainable workflow

Writing and editing

We help both writers and non-writers improve their skills through hands-on practice in areas like:

  • Writing for the web and mobile
  • Reworking content for responsive design
  • Editing for voice, tone, and brand style

Project roadmapping

Avoid 11th-hour freakouts on your next project. We'll help you plan manageable approaches for:

  • Website redesigns, especially responsive design
  • Implementing a new CMS or structured content models
  • A new campaign, product, or initiative rollout

Skill building

You’ve got the people and the energy. We'll teach them new skills, such as:

  • Content auditing and evaluation
  • Content modeling, reuse, and CMS setup
  • Taxonomy and controlled vocabularies


Eileen Webb

Eileen is a co-founder and partner at webmeadow, a New Hampshire-based firm that helps progressive organizations use content and technology to make the world a better place. Her background is in server-side coding and being that odd person who translates between the marketing and development teams. You’ll find her speaking at conferences like Confab, Artifact, and IA Summit.

Lisa Maria Martin

Lisa Maria is a consultant based in Boston. She helps organizations develop web content that is findable, usable, and meaningful, with an emphasis on structure (sitemaps, content models, hierarchy) and sustainable content production processes. Lisa Maria is also issues editor at A List Apart, and speaks at events like Confab Higher Ed, Blend Conference, and the MIMA Summit.


Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Sara runs a content strategy consultancy based in Philadelphia, and is known for helping organizations turn desktop-centric pages into modular, mobile-ready content—a passion she turned into the book Content Everywhere from Rosenfeld Media. She's the editor in chief of A List Apart and speaks at conferences like An Event Apart, Confab, Smashing, Future of Web Design, and SXSW.

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